360 Yield Products

Find our whole suite of 360 Yield products including the 360 Rain Irrigator

360 Rain

By delivering bands of water directly to the base of the plant, 360 RAIN provides advantages over traditional irrigation methods. With a 60-foot boom (24 rows), 360 RAIN applies water through Y-DROP style hoses. Up to 2,900 feet of 3-inch diameter hose is dispense by a computer-controlled reel. The machine moves up and down the crop rows as the well-tethered reel dispenses and retrieves hose. At 0.45 mph, 360 RAIN can apply over 2,000,000 gallons of water per week – the equivalent of one inch of rain over an 80-acre field from a well producing just 215 gallons per minute. And then start again. And again. Providing the three or four inches of critical moisture that activates soil microbes, enhances grain fill and allows plants to thrive.

360 Bandit

360 BANDIT puts bands of liquid nitrogen in the sweet spot for early root interception and uptake. It streams nitrogen on both sides of the seed, three inches away from the seed.

The simple application tool mounts to the closing system where it uses row unit and closing wheel pressure to maintain depth – without interfering with gauge wheels or depth settings.

360 Dash

Increase the ROI on your starter fertilizer investment with the 360 DASH application system. 360 DASH lets you apply the maximum rate for yield response while trimming your starter volume per acre – and cost per acre – by 50% to 75%. Rather than a continuous stream of liquid fertilizer, the 360 DASH valve meters a two- or three-inch “dash” of fertilizer and positions it for rapid interception by seedling roots.

The “dash” is triggered by a passing seed. When the existing seed sensor detects a seed, 360 DASH fires a high-speed actuator. The 360 DASH needle valve controls the rate and pulses. Achieve accurate pulses of fertilizer at four to 10 mph and 2.5 to 15 GPA.

360 Wave

Surrounding corn seeds with moist soil ensures uniform emergence. And uniform emergence leads to better yields. 360 WAVE gently surrounds seeds with moist soil by peeling a band of moist soil from the lower half of the seed trench and rolling it over the seed. That reduces the risk of slotting and air pockets in dry, wet and ideal seedbed conditions.

Improved trench closing is just one reason to add 360 WAVE to your planter. 360 WAVE is an angled blade that slices through the seed-trench sidewall and delivers starter to the side and below the seed. Years of field trials show that the best starter response comes from placing starter below the seed and 3/4″ from the seed trench. This placement provides seed safety and quick access to the starter by the developing seed.

360 Tanks

360 TANKS deliver the things you need for an efficient on-planter nitrogen system: weight balance, capacity, visibility, and accessibility.

These sleek 700-gallon capacity tanks follow the contour of your John Deere 8000R tractor – providing improved front and side visibility compared to other mid-mount and front mount tanks. And the unique shape and mount positions provide better fore and aft weight distribution – to minimize pinch-row compaction. And, unlike most mid-mount tanks, the 360 liquid nitrogen tanks do not increase transport width.

360 Y-Drops

In today’s tight market, managing input costs is critical. Nitrogen is typically the second most expensive input. Getting the most efficiency out of this investment is critical. Lowering nitrogen use efficiency from 1.0 to 0.7 can have a huge impact on profitability.

360 Y-DROP lets you wait for your final application so you can adjust rates to match the crop’s needs. Wet. Dry. Ideal. You supply only what the plants need – protecting yield potential and reducing overall nitrogen costs.

360 y-Drop Sidedress

Coulter systems put nitrogen in the middle of the row – 15 inches from the base of the plant. That slows uptake and lowers efficiency. Studies show 25% more nitrates in the plant when nitrogen is applied at the base of the plant. That has led to an average yield increase of over six bushels compared to coulter systems.

360 Y-DROP Sidedress places nitrogen just inches from the stalk base. It extends the application window, plus there are no costly bearings and coulters to replace.

360 Glide

360 GLIDE provides reliable, mechanical, automatic positioning of your 360 Y-DROP system that ensures ideal hose position and nitrogen placement.

Your current control system is ideal for bare ground but can struggle to measure above the canopy or through leaves to maintain height. The 360 solution takes control with a simple, reliable sensor rod that mounts to the 360 Y-DROP base and constantly adjusts the 360 Y-DROP base position relative to the ground.

360 Soilscan

Knowing how much nitrates are available in the soil is a mystery. Eliminate the guesswork with 360 SOILSCAN – a portable soil test system that gives you the ability to test N availability and soil pH with the accuracy of a traditional soil lab. Testing only takes about five minutes, and you can do it right in the field.

360 SOILSCAN combines your yield goal, crop growth stage and soil organic matter levels to build a customized nitrogen application that fits your crop’s N needs.

360 Undercover

Many diseases and insects originate from the base of the plant and work their way into the canopy. Traditional application methods target the top of the plant and product often doesn’t make it down to the target leaves.

360 UNDERCOVER makes in-canopy application possible – in corn, seed corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, sugar beets, sorghum and more. Compare coverage on the underside of the leaf.

360 Chainroll

Fast residue breakdown boosts nutrient availability for next spring’s crop. 360 CHAINROLL creates “chains” of seven-inch stalks – ideal for rapid breakdown. Plus, they’re the perfect length for row cleaners to remove residue from the seed trench.

Tests show a 2.5-bushel yield bump from better ear count and even germination compared to confetti-style chopping stalk rolls. It’s a simple, profitable upgrade for Deere corn heads.

360 Yield Saver

360 YIELD SAVERs poly blocks and intermeshing bristles reduce loss two ways: by cushioning the ear’s impact – reducing butt shelling – and by capturing kernels. The bristle blocks provide a softer landing for ears which means less shelling. Kernels that do come off the cob, are captured by long-lasting bristles and delivered to the cross auger.

360 YIELD SAVER consists of a traditional-style gathering chain with crop lugs and replaceable brush blocks. Blocks quickly snap and screw into position and are easily replaced at the end of the harvest season.

360 Bullet

Surprisingly, your ripper is likely leaving 40% of the subsoil undisturbed. Dig and you’ll find berms of untouched soil that can impede root access to moisture and nutrients.

360 BULLET is a berm buster. Wide wings are aerodynamically positioned toward the front of the point – creating fault lines that stretch horizontally and vertically. And it does this without significantly more horsepower or wear.